The Day the Republic Died synopsis

Matt Kurk, a man, but not an ordinary man. A man with special abilities. Abilities that compel him to develop an inexpensive, unlimited, clean energy source which changes the political landscape of the world. In the process he becomes the richest man in the world, and possibly the most powerful. But a man like that naturally creates enemies. Other men and even governments, with evil intentions, covet that power.

The Day the Republic Died is a novel where a little bit of science fiction collides with a whole lot of modern day politics. Matt Kurk's adventures lead him from the depths of the ocean floor of the Gulf of Mexico to the heights of the mountains of Afghanistan with hearings in the United States Congress along the way. Will big government stifle the development of this clean energy source?

Matt Kurk wants to do good with his inventions, and he is a reasonable man, but don't make him mad! 

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